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(Information must be submitted by school band directors - not students or parents. Winners from previous years, who are no longer students, may email us the information accompanied by a picture of the Sousa award with your name.)

Note: Director's names will be included for 2011 forward.

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Clara Asplund ROWVA High School, Oneida, IL. Class of 2023. Instrument: Percussion, Director: Wesley Anderson.

Annabell Bartman Ellsworth Community School, Ellsworth, MI. Class of 2023. Instrument: Clarinet, Director: Shawn Lee.

Chloe Elizabeth Clarke Northside High School, Tuscaloosa, AL. Class of 2023. Instrument: Clarinet, Director: Andrew Belk. This student has shown her dedication to band by her strong leadership, musicianship, and willingness to help others. She has served the band as a leader for many years as a Section Leader and Band President.

Ethan Huse Christ Lutheran High School, Buckley, IL. Class of 2023. Instrument: Trumpet, Director: Carol Liston.

Dean Langlois Lenoir City High School, Lenoir City, TN. Class of 2023. Instrument: Trumpet, Director: Zachary Slimp.

Trenton O'Neal Glenrock High School, Glenrock, WY. Class of 2023. Instrument: Tuba, Director: Marcis Bravo.

Savannah Parsons Northwood High School, Pittsboro, NC. Class of 2023. Instrument: Tenor Saxophone, Director: Hagan Zoellers. Savannah has served as low reeds section leader for two years and has demonstrated utmost dedication to the program as well as superior musical talent. She is an extremely talented musician and a loyal friend to all. Her service to the Northwood Band will be remembered for many years to come.

Quinton Wiltbank Morenci High School, Morenci, AZ. Class of 2023. Instrument: Tuba, Director: Reed L. Bailey. Quinton is not only a gifted musician, but a hardworking student and leader. He is always happy to help other students with learning parts and even jump to a new instrument when parts need to be covered. He has a natural gift for all things music and a passion for band that has carried the program for the past several years.